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Sushi set
Sushi set
Sushi set
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12" x 4-3/4" x 1-1/4"
Johnny Chiang
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Sushi set  Serving board + pair chopsticks + chopstick rest

Each sushi set is unique, the one you have purchased may vary in color and grain. We assure you that each item is individually hand-made and beautifully crafted with care. If you have any concerns, please contact us for questions.


                     Mahogany and hardwood                                                   Dark hardwood


Taking Care of Your Beautiful Wood  

1. Limit the use of serrated knives if possible. To keep the cutting board smooth, occasional light sanding removes blemishes from the surface. Always apply a coat of mineral oil after sanding, doing this can remove 75% of the surface moisture. 

2. After every use, clean with warm soapy water and dried with a paper towel. Never soak it in water, it will cause warping or cracking.  

3. When preparing meat, disinfect it with a bleach solution. Wood tends to get negative exposure sometimes, studies suggest that wood contains natural properties that fight bacteria. Whichever type of board that you choose, keeping it sanitary is crucial.  

4. It's not a trivet! A hot pan will create a weak spot that will warp the wood. 

5. Cutting board will begin to dry out over time. Apply mineral oil to one side and allow it to dry before applying it to the other side. This will help extend the life of your board by protecting against water damage. Never use any type of vegetable oil, they can eventually go rancid and cause food poisoning.  

6. Store your wooden cutting board horizontally to avoid it from warping or curling. Proper care of your board will ensure that it can last you a lifetime with your family.


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Mahogany and hardwood
Dark hardwood
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