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Lissette's Mango Tango 10oz
Lissette's Mango Tango 10oz
Lissette's Mango Tango 10oz
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10 oz
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Mango Tango

Secret Sauce and Mango Tango are two sauces made from the blending of ingredients grown on Gallon Jug Estate. Lissette's Secret Sauce is a mouth-watering, palate-titillating sauce with a zing which all hot sauce connoisseurs spend their lives seeking. Mango Tango is based with mangoes and carrot juice to create a mild, Caribbean style sauce. To ensure that our products are always rich and tasty, we use only fresh, all-natural ingredients with sun-ripened, handpicked habanero peppers and mangoes. This care in blending has resulted in our exotic and uniquely delicious gourmet sauces.

Both sauces can be used as marinades for red meat, pork, chicken and fish. Lissette's Secret Sauce, sweet at first with a kick at the end, is excellent with roast beef, as salad dressing, and to spice up rice dishes. Mango Tango, which is sweeter, is perfect for grilling, basting, or baking fish. Tamales and egg are also a great food for this sauce.

Gallon Jug Estate products are grown in a historic region which is nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the mountains of Mexico and Guatemala in the Central American country of Belize. Located in the Orange Walk District, in northwestern Belize, Gallon Jug Estate was originally made famous by its mahogany, cedar, and chicle industries. It is internationally known for its Mayan ruins and as an eco-tourism destination.

Gallon Jug was given its name when early British settlers discovered the remains of a Spanish camp containing various items, including ceramic gallon jugs. The area was once the major center for logging in Belize. From the 1900's to the 1960's, the forest in Gallon Jug was logged, primarily for mahogany and cedar, and other hardwoods as well. After 1963, the operation was closed due to several factors. Some 20 years later, a Belizean businessman bought the company who owned the property and restored the area. Over 133,000 acres of rainforest is protected from hunting and logging and has implemented experimental farming practices. Our shade-grown coffee is one of these original experiments; others include corn, soybean, sugar cane crops and mango trees.

All of our products are made from all natural ingredients. This care in processing results in our delicious and unique products. We invite your comparison.

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