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Chocolate Nibs Hazelnut
Chocolate Nibs Hazelnut
Chocolate Nibs Hazelnut
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290 gram
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Chocolate Nibs Crunch

Cacao nibs are being marketed as raw food. They are not raw.
Although we roast our products at a low heat and feel that ours retain more of the health benefits than most, they are still a roasted product and have lost some of their benefits. Nibs can be used in the broadest way of all of our products.
Go to your favorite recipes app or just put nib recipes in the search bar and you will have a lifetime of recipes.

We like them best rolled in a banana in the morning with a cup of the cacao tea. Nibs can also be grounded into a paste and made into very crude but incredibly delicious chocolate.

delightful snack to accompany your coffee or chocolate tea, it contains the nutrients required for any long day at work. All Lamanai Chocolate products are handmade from Belize-grown cacao. Unique to Belize, you won't be able to find anything like this anywhere else in the world. 




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