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Chocolate Cinnamon Tea
Chocolate Cinnamon Tea
Chocolate Cinnamon Tea
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Lamanai chocolate


Lamanai chocolate was founded in 2014 by an American expat living in the rainforest of Belize. Seeing a need for the Maya people to better their lives, we started this business with one of the goals of teaching the indigenous Maya to make a living from the skills they already know and that have been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. All of our products are created by Belizean Mayans using their ancient methods of fermenting, drying and roasting the cacao beans over a open fire, on what they call a Kamal. The beans are roasted over a low flame which helps retains many of the health benefits that are lost in big ovens. All of the roasted beans are crushed on mayan ancient stones that have been passed down through generations. Once the beans are crushed and chaffed, they are put through a mechanized grinder which alters the beans into a fine liquere for our chocolate making process. We do not use chemicals in any of our products ,but we do know you will love our 100% organic cacao.


Chocolate Cinammon Tea

Our tea is all made from the roasted cacao beans. Our loose teas can be brewed in many different ways. We like to use the french press or just put a teaspoon in a cup of boiling water. The small pieces of cacao you may find floating in the cup or settles at the bottom are all edible-a day full of vitamins and minerals. 

For our tea bags, just add to a cup of hot water and let it steep for a few minutes to your desired taste. Some of the teas may be overpowered by the Ginger, pepper, Turmeric, allspice, etc, but we mix these first for health benefits The Chocolate is not a real strong taste to start with.  You may want to have a nice warm taste of our other Chocolate Teas we have to offer you such as :

  1. Chocolate Tea
  2. Chocolate Ginger Tea
  3. Chocolate Turmeric Tea
  4. Chocolate Cinnamon Tea
  5. Allspice Chocolate Tea







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