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Cave Garden Coffee Bean
Cave Garden Coffee Bean
Cave Garden Coffee Bean
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16oz. (454 Grams)
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"Test the best coffee in the world"

Cave Garden Coffee

It is an "A" type considered one of the finest and delicious coffees in the world.
The blend of this coffee is the combination of high-quality coffee (huehue tenango Guatemala) with a non-acid coffee from ancient Guatemala, our blend in proportions with decades of research and developers have made it a coffee worthy of export to countries like Belize, France, Switzerland, Germany where the taste for this product has become demanding.

In Belize Cave Garden Coffee a prestigious brand is the only house authorized to import this coffee to our country of Belize providing a gastronomic culture to our families and creating precedents of quality and professionalism in our coffee industries.

Cave Garden Coffee is divided with the ingredients of organic fertilizers, cut in due time of
the ripeness of the grain, adequately dried to achieve its vitamin, richness, and taste, taking into account its successful aroma and in the toasting phase to developed a very appropriate system for this product "type A". At the end of the process of grinding and packing are also done with all hygienic and quality standards relevant to "Cave Garden Coffee". This product does not adhere to chemicals or coloring or preservatives thus containing all its caffeine intact and fresh for its effect on the body that acts and according to scientific studies as a precise vitamin for the brain (neurons) there is its immediate effect. In 2006 Cave Garden Coffee won a prize in an international type A quality competition awarded as the second-best coffee in the world, taking the first place a Saudi Arabian coffee and third place for a Colombian coffee.

We have been developing quality and improving productivity to spread this coffee culture
mainly in Belize and Europe.



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