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Below are some of the creative and talented artists we are proud to feature in our store.

Patricia BolonPatricia Bolon Handmade baskets using traditional skills

I am Patricia Bolon from the beautiful village of San Jose in the Toledo District. I have been weaving jippi jappa baskets for several years of high quality. I accepted the challenge of developing basketry in unusual and very big sizes without losing the quality of my work. I make crafts such as slate, embroidered wall hanging, shirts, Maya dresses and “jippi jappa” baskets. A basket normally takes seven hours and twenty-five minutes and it is very hard work.

In order for me to make my baskets, I look for the materials in the forest. When I come home, I start cleaning the jippi jappa stem for the white basket. After that I begin to boil the jippi jappa for half an hour on one side and then on the other side for another half an hour. After boiling, I soak in in soap and bleach then it is left overnight. The next morning I put the jippi jappa on a line to sun for three days and three nights. While the white jippi jappa is drying I begin to prepare the black jippi jappa. I clean the leaves and place them on a line in my house for seven days to become black, and then I can start making the black baskets.

The string used to sew is called the Heiken wile. I clean the string first and then soak it for one week in the creek. After a week I clean it again for about an hour and a half to put it in the sun for three days to get white. After they are dry then start to sew the basket. A small basket takes three hours and a half, a medium takes six hours and a big basket takes more time depending on the size. I was not educated and I needed a way to support my mother. I began making crafts because I needed a way to buy what we needed. I enjoy what I do and with God’s help will continue to make my crafts, thank you!


Jill ChiangJill Chiang Design and handmade jewelry

I have been living in Belize for over twenty years. Making and diesign jewelry is so much fun that it has become my favorite thing to do.
I try to create a variety of unique styles and colors so people can find that special piece they have been searching for. The most exciting part for me is the joy people get when they find the perfect necklace, earring, or bracelet. I hope you can find that perfect piece - if not let me know and I can create one especially for you. Thanks and enjoy!!!


Carolyn CarrCarolyn Carr Fine art

My purpose in this life is to be clay in God's hands, to be molded into something useful to Him that serves His Son and blesses other people. It is my belief that art is not only a reflection of the soul and spirit of its source but a message to the soul and spirit of others. My message is: In the world we will have trouble but there is hope. John 16:33 " Carolyn has had dozens of exhibits around Belize and the Caribbean and has been featured in many publications.

Carolyn Carr



Olga Maria GaitanOlga Maria Gaitan Handmade black coral jewelry

My name is Olga Marina Gaitan. I am Francisco Cano's wife. My husband have dedicated the past twenty years to working and creating fine black coral jewelry and crafts. However, he passed away in 2006. Now my mission is to always keep improving and create high quality products at reasonable prices, just as what my husband did. We are honored to keep his art alive and share his gift with you. Thank you...
Olga Maria Gaitan



SantiagoSantiago Handmade cohune picture frame

Introducing handmade custom frames, created by a Belizean craftsman using only hand tools, (no power tools), and no solvents, paints, or stains. These frames are produced from the shed fronds of the cohune palm, thus no trees are destroyed, and no degradation of the rain forest occurs. Every frame is a unique, individual piece of art. These frames are made in Belize, Central America by artisan Santiago Vasquez of Bullet Tree Falls, a village in the western part of the tropical country. The pride of his workmanship is evident in every piece he creates. 




Johnny ChiangJohnny Chiang Graphic and furniture design

Johnny graduated from Art School in the year of 1991 in Taiwan. Has living in Belize for the past twenty years from year 1995 till present day. In his younger years he has started working on designing for a Japanese company and ran his own small design studio. He believes that art inspires people’s deepest desire and exposes the most hidden mystery of one's own inside world. Hope you enjoy his design!
Johnny Chiang





Manuel Gonzalez DazaManuel Gonzalez Daza Fine art

Manuel Gonzalez Daza was born in Havana in 1956. He studied art at the Escuela de Arte de San Alejandro (1972-1981) and later on received a BFA from the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana (1986). During this time he studied under various Cuban and European masters in different disciplines and was exposed to many international influences, artists, movements and genres. From 1980 to 1985 he worked as a graphic illustrator and designer for Letras Cubanas, later on moving to Gente Nueva, both Havana publishing houses belonging to the Instituto Cubano del Libro. Daza traveled to Belize in 1993 at the invitation of Benque Viejo-based Cubola Productions, Manuel at Workworking on many publications for primary school use. Since then he has lived in Benque and Dangriga, working on varied graphic illustration projects for the Archaeology Department and the European Union. In Belize his paintings have been exhibited at the Bliss Institute (Dreams, 1999), El Cafe (Angels, 2000) and the Instituto de Colaboracion Mexico-Belize (Somersaults, 2002) Daza alternates between working on his paintings and digital projects.
Manuel Gonzalez Daza



Calvin TenchCalvin Tench Handmade sculpture

I have been doing wood carvings for more than thirty years, and I believe that the key to good art is showing compassion and being passionate in your work. I hope you enjoy my sculpture art! Thank you.

Calvin Tench



Lucky ChiangLucky Chiang Fine art with watercolor

Lucky Chiang was born in 1947 and has been drawing ever since he was a child. He has been dedicated to painting watercolor for over forty five years. He captures the emotions inspired by the wonders around him. Lucky has had several exhibitions in Belize, we hope you will enjoy and catch the same beauty of Belize with Lucky.

Lucky Chiang

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