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This document describes the terms and conditions of the Affiliate Agreement for Art Box. By joining the affiliate program you agree to abide by all of the terms and conditions in this document. 

AFFILIATE LINK - Upon approval, an affiliate site will receive a link with a unique URL for affiliate tracking.

COMMISSIONS - Affiliates will receive 5% commission less shipping, taxes, and discounts on every purchase made by a user that arrives at our site via the affiliate link. Commissions are not calculated until ordering and payments have been approved.

PAYMENTS - Payouts will be made once a month if the commissions accumulated amount to at least $25USD. If the commissions do not meet the minimum payout amount, they will be carried forward to the following month.

ORDER FULFULLMENT - Art Box will be responsible for the fulfillment of any and all orders. 

CUSTOMERS - Any customers that arrive through an affiliate link are considered customers of Art Box. Therefore, they are subject only to Art Box’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. Affiliates may not subject customers to their own terms and conditions or privacy policy. Additionally, the price paid by the customer for goods or services will always be determined by Art Box and not the affiliate. 

COMMISSION QUALIFICATIONS - Only affiliates with active affiliate links may qualify for commission payments.

SITE QUALIFICATIONS - Any site can qualify to become an affiliate. However, sites that can be described with any of the following are NOT eligible to become affiliates:

  • Sites promoting violence
  • Sites promoting piracy or other illegal activity 
  • Sites containing pornography or other sexually explicit material in any form (including images, audio, text, and video) 
  • Sites that promote racism, sexism, homophobia, or any other form of discrimination based on either uncontrollable factors or resulting from freedom of choice or expression
  •  Any site that we do not wish to be associated with

UNSOLICITED/ MASS ADVENTISING - We at Art Box do not promote the use of mass untargeted mailing, flooding of message boards, or any other sort of mass advertising of affiliate links that can be classified as spam. Any affiliate found advertising with spam techniques will be locked immediately.  
LIABILITY -  Art Box is not responsible for any loss of profit, time, or property damage incurred as a direct or indirect result of participating in the affiliate program. No guarantee can be made that all affiliate links will be completely uninterrupted and error-free. Furthermore, Art Box makes no guarantee of any revenue whatsoever by participating in the affiliate program.  
TERM OF AGREEMENT - This agreement will be deemed active until either or both parties elects to end the agreement. If there are any commissions to be paid at the time of termination, they will be paid during the next payout.


If an item is no longer available we will contact you to choose a replacement item or receive a refund.


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